Be an Exhibitor

We believe in our motto: "A Happy Dealer Is One That Makes Money!" We go out of our way to create an environment that allows buyers and sellers to get together without any burdensome restrictions or red tape encountered at other events. We have no rules about 'no selling or buying before public hours'. Dealers come here to make a profit and meet customers, we don't get in the way.


One price for All Spaces. A Dealer's booth in any of the above spaces normally costs $100 each. Renewing an existing space early qualifies for a discount. Last minute sign-ups (within a few days of events) are $110.

'Referrals of a New Dealer' (one who has never been here before), can earn exhibitors $15 applied as a credit to their next show reservation.

We do not allow sharing of booths with other dealers or friends. (You must provide proof of a "joint partnership or dual ownership"). Our rates are a fraction of other shows' fees. (Anyone, who cannot afford our low rates is most likely in the wrong business.)

Every exhibitor must provide us a current copy of their NYS Sales tax certificate for our files. (call 1 800 225-5829 for information if you don't have one yet)

Spaces can be purchased at the gate during set-up times, but you may not have many options of where you will be sited. Early reservations are suggested.


There are acres of space, water sources, and camping facilities. The fairground provides Table rentals, and pole barn tarp rentals for exhibitors and Motor Home campsite hookups at reasonable fees. Camping without service hookups is available for a fee also. Showers and real bathrooms here too. Call 518-692-2464 speak directly to the Fairground Office, for camping info. The show promoter is not involved in these services.

Typical Dealer Schedule for a Show

  • Thursday before show - We offer limited setup time for dealers traveling long distances. Dealers can move material in to the fairgrounds from 12 noon on. Do not arrive early. The gates will be locked until 12 noon.
  • Friday before show - Setup Day and Early Buyer day (7AM to 4PM). During this time dealers can set up their spaces, and early buyers are allowed to shop. Setup continues after 4pm as needed.
  • Saturday - The show is open 8AM to 5PM to the public. Dealers are allowed to bring in material before the show (6AM-8AM). Vehicles are not allowed in customer areas during show hours.
  • Sunday - The show is open 9AM to 4PM to the public. Vehicles are not allowed in customer areas during show hours. Dealers can begin removing unsold material at closing time and continue until 8pm when the buildings and gates will be locked up.
  • Monday after show - The grounds will be open at 7:00 for dealers to make return trips to remove merchandise. Dealers must have all material and vehicles removed from the fairgrounds by 12 noon.

Dealer Spaces

  • Outdoor (View photo)

    Most outdoor spaces are 30 feet wide with varying depths. You provide your own tent or canopy in these areas- its your option to cover yourself, your goods, or neither.

  • Pole Barn (View photo)

    (pavilion style) - These are in buildings under a solid roof w/ open-air sides. The fairgrounds rents closable tarps for $20 for the weekend. It's always a good idea to bring some plastic covers in case of blowing rains or an occasional roof rain drip. Most of these spaces are @ 12'w x 18'd.

  • Indoor (View photo)

    These spaces are inside walled buildings. Sizes are variable, (none small) mainly determined by the dimensions of the structure itself. A few buildings are lockable. Again, bring some coverings for your items for security and protection when you are away from your booth. Electricity is available in most booth areas.